Adytum Day Spa The Standard Store Reliquia Three Blue Ducks Adytum Library Ozlana Urbnsurf No 92 TDE Elizabeth St The Hotel Collectionist TDE Flagship TDE Pitt St Chloé After Party Locura Birkenstock, Pitti Uomo PS by Paul Smith
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The Hotel Collectionist The Hotel Collectionist Hospitality Sydney 2018

The Hotel Collectionist

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The Collectionist pushes the concept of individualised patron experiences to a new level in Sydney’s inner west. Each of the 39 guestrooms within this boutique hotel (a former warehouse) are collaboratively designed by four creative studios and 13 artists, of which Pattern devised nine eclectic suites plus the hotel lobby’s mini bar area. This compact communal area is clad in a baroque cluster of paved stones radiating a raw glamour. Combined with an illuminated glass drinks fridge and satirical neon sign, it makes for a potent interior cocktail.

Traversing the seasons, Pattern’s suites explore a barometer of atmospheres. Rich Autumnal warmth is expressed in punchy patterns on terrazzo tabletops and amongst rug weaves, whilst saturated plum and cinnamon tones and evocative light and shadow play recall the poised drama of Giorgio de Chirico paintings. Dipping to cooler climes in other rooms, deep teal blue walls and window furnishings, crystal-sharp steel wall sconces and caviar black side tables evoke Nordic winter comforts. Special attention is granted to wall surfaces with their velvety stucco finishes and adobe-style modulations – enveloping guests within – whilst bedheads are crowned in golden light, beckoning slumber as all hotel rooms should.


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Photography by Terence Chin

Project Title Client Sector Location Completed
Adytum Day Spa Adytum Wellness Canberra New
The Standard Store The Standard Store Retail Sydney 2021
Reliquia Reliquia Collective Retail Sydney 2021
Three Blue Ducks Three Blue Ducks Hospitality Melbourne 2020
Adytum Library Adytum Retail Canberra 2020
Ozlana Ozlana Fashion Sydney 2019
Urbnsurf Urbnsurf Retail Melbourne 2019
No 92 No 92 Hospitality Sydney 2019
TDE Elizabeth St The Daily Edited Retail Sydney 2019
The Hotel Collectionist The Hotel Collectionist Hospitality Sydney 2018
TDE Flagship The Daily Edited Retail Melbourne 2017
TDE Pitt St The Daily Edited Retail Sydney 2017
Chloé After Party Paris Fashion Week Fashion Paris 2017
Locura Three Blue Ducks Hospitality Byron 2016
Birkenstock, Pitti Uomo Birkenstock Fashion Florence 2016
PS by Paul Smith Paul Smith Fashion Florence 2014